Mothers of Mothers of Mothers 2020
Letterpress artist book
16 pages, saddle stitch binding with soft cover, edition of 100
The rhythmic, narrative text explores matrilineal erasure. It is composed of four voices, each represented by a font of  different size and weight of Goudy. 

Written in 2019. Edited, designed, printed, and bound by the artist during a residency at the Center for Book Arts, 2019-2020. 

Narcissus pseudonarcissus
in collaboration with James Chrzan
Performance for 5 voices, 2 clarinets, and percussion
A spoken word opera in two acts, performed in June 2021 and October 2021 in the Rose Garden in Prospect Park.
Music by James Chrzan
Libretto by Rachel Hillery
Costumes by Carly McKown
Featuring Noah Becker, Mirra Kardonne, Alison Kizu-Blair, Ryan Knight, and Kristina Teuschler

Cyanotype print on hand marbled paper and foil stamping, printed on the first day of spring, 2021, edition of 25

Libretto book designed and printed in 2022, edition of 50

500 Words or Less
Artist book
inkjet interior pages with tipped in color images, 30 pages staple bound, edition of 20
A collection of absurdist vignettes capped at 500 words. Written during spring and summer of 2020.

A three-person performance within two sets. The protagonist, Alice, is talked at, talked to, and talked over.
Featuring Patrick Costello, Alison Kizu-Blair, Rachel Hillery.
Video of Act 2
Excerpts of scripts for Act 1, Act 2, Act 3